In this new episode of EU Watchdog Radio we take the temperature of the international Climate conference COP26, that started this week in Glasgow. Activist Greta Thunberg is right by saying and sometime shouting the word ‘Greenwashing’ all over Glasgow. While COP26 in Glasgow was branded by the UK government as the COP where the world should take historic decisions, it seems the UK government has been putting up a gigantic greenwashing PR -show. Government and climate policy by announcement.

In this episode we talk to three CEO-researchers who have just before or during this COP26 published new and relevant research. Kenneth Haar has just published research on the capture by the financial sector of an important part of international climate policy. The Paris Climate Agreement states that financial flows should be “consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate resilient development”. The agenda and proposals on financial flows, have been steered and directed from A to Z by the private financial sector. The mindblowing conclusion: COP26 is set to become the biggest finance greenwash event in history

We will be also joined by CEO-researcher and campaigner Pascoe Sabido live from Glasgow. In an earlier episode of this podcast Pascoe said about climate change policy: “when we see a huge market failure, what do we do? We turn to the same markets to solve the problem.” A few days before the start of COP26 Pascoe has analysed the net zero promises of big multinationals and demonstrated why these promises are empty. At the same time these promises form the core of COP26.

This episode starts with CEO-researcher Belen Balanya, who explains the various lobby tricks that fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists use to keep in control of climate and energy policy. Like for example the revolving doors, where top officials and politicians move to go an work for fossil fuel companies. And why it is so important to have fossil free politics.

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