Join us in this new episode of EU Watchdog Radio, where Pascoe Sabido talks to humanitarian lawyer and activist at Corporate Accountability and Public Participation for Africa (CAPPA), Aderonke Ige. Aderonke is currently in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, for the UN climate talks. They discuss the Kick Big Polluters Out campaign, what it’s like to be at COP27 and the absurd presence of fossil fuel lobbyists in the negotiations.

Aderonke and Pascoe also spill the beans on a protest at the Coca-Cola stand and the 636 fossil fuel lobbyists who are attending COP27. Tune in, and sign the Kick Big Polluters Out campaign here!

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This podcast is produced by CEO and Counter Balance. Both NGOs raise awareness on the importance of good governance in the EU by researching issues like lobbying of large and powerful industries, corporate capture of decision making, corruption, fraud, human rights violations in areas like Big Tech, agro-business, biotech and chemical companies, the financial sector and public investment banks, trade, energy and climate, scientific research and much more…

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