The EU Global Gateway has been pitched as the EU’s response to the economic, climate and energy crises engulfing the planet. Yet over a year after the European Commission launched the Gateway, it is still shrouded in secrecy. It is unclear if any new money is actually being made available for international development through this new strategy, or whether the Gateway is little more than a PR exercise. Worse still, the Gateway may serve as an excuse to transfer development resources over to the private sector, or use them to further Europe’s geopolitical goals rather than fight poverty.

On this episode of EU Watchdog Radio, we speak with Farwa Sial from the European Network on Debt and Development about the flaws of the Gateway strategy and how they can be rectified. We also speak with a representative from a community in Nepal who have been adversely affected by an infrastructure project financed by the European Investment Bank - one of the institutions responsible for rolling out the Gateway.

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