Yesterday, Wednesday 8 March, Counter Balance intervened during a public hearing at the European Parliament where MEPs exchanged views with experts and stakeholders on the European Fund for Sustainable Development (EFSD). Organised by the Parliament Foreign Affairs (AFET), Development (DEVE) and Budgets (BUDG) Committees, the hearing hosted among others representatives from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Commission, and independent organisations.

Having already outlined in a position paper some NGOs recommendation to make the EU External Investment Plan a development and pro-poor instrument, Counter Balance stressed their importance once again in front of the Parliament, while urging for improvements in other important aspects of the plan. Among our main recommendations, the de-linking of the fund from short term migration control policies, the need for real additionality and for strong safeguards on human rights, environment and tax justice.

Watch the video of the hearing here.

Read the hearing agenda here.