“How would YOU picture Europe’s energy future?” was the question we asked you in July. You answered us generously in the form or original, beautiful and challenging pictures with messages of hope and despair at the same time. Perhaps it really is up to us and the people we put in power how we will be using and producing energy.

Needless to say it was a hard task to pick a winner from all these amazing entries. But also hard decisions need to be taken and the jury selected ‘Farmer in Dobryniòw, Poland’. According to the jury “the raw and expressive farmer in all simplicity contrasts sharply with the shale gas driller in the back and pictures very well possible conflicts ahead of us”. Filippo Bardazzi will be awarded €1000 to update is photo equipment.

Because it would be a shame to only award one picture out of so many qualitative entries, the jury awarded two runners up with €200 as well for new photo equipment.

2013 Picture Europe 1

‘Farmer in Dobryniòw, Poland'
Filippo Bardazzi

‘The wind smiles at you’ by Adela Nistora convinced the jury with an especially positive message. “We will need a society open to renewable energy sources which can be used in harmony with nature and human well-being. We found all these aspects in this picture”.

2013 Picture Europe 2

The wind smiles at you’
Adela Nistora

In Miroslav Tsvyatkov’s ‘A bird’ the jury lauded “the esthetics and warm color pallet of this well composed picture. The solar panels and the landscape contrast but at the same time co-exist in harmony, this is symbolized by the bird in the middle”.

2013 Picture Europe 3

‘A bird’
Miroslav Tsvyatkov

Finally two special mentions were reserved for Jeno Koloszar with ‘The power of wind’ – “Very powerful picture with lively colours. You can actually see the wind blowing and it’s coming at you.”

2013 Picture Europe 5

‘The power of wind’
Jeno Koloszar

And for Zoltan Sermesic with ‘Energy everywhere’ – “The photographer managed to capture the time aspect. We appreciate this reference to the future. The primal and oldest source of energy (lightning) and a new source (wind) come together in a threatening spectacle.”

2013 Picture Europe 4

‘Energy everywhere’
Zoltan Sermesic

These last two pictures already have been awarded in the local photo competition organized by our partners in Hungary.

On our flickr page you can see the best pictures we received. A selection of them, including the pictures mentioned above will be exhibited the entire month of November in Mundo B, Rue d’Edibourg 26, 1050 Brussels.