Counter Balance is delighted to be hosting a debate with journalist and economist Grace Blakeley and trade unionist Peter Wieme at Manifiesta festival in Belgium!

Our Director Frank Vanaerschot will discuss why we need well-funded public services more than ever with Grace and Peter. Multiple recent crises have shown how important public services are, especially in healthcare. At the same time, the current energy crisis is highlighting the failure of privatisation - resulting in astronomical bills and a lack of investment in the climate transition.

In recent years, the European Union has launched major investment programmes affecting public services, such as the European Green Deal to fight the climate crisis and the ‘NextGenerationEU’ recovery fund to support the economy after Covid-19. Will this money be used to improve our public services? Or will it instead line the pockets of shareholders for a few multinational corporations?

Time: 11:00-12:00

Date: Saturday 17 September 2022

Venue: Place des Syndicats, Manifiesta, Hippodrome d’Ostende, Belgium

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