In the current context of severe energy and climate crisis, there is a growing trend to consider green hydrogen as one of the most appropriate options to contribute to the decarbonisation of the economy and achieve climate neutrality well before 2050. The European Union has incorporated it into its priorities and investment plans and green hydrogen initiatives have been multiplying. This has led to the beginning of a frantic rush to develop numerous projects, some of which risk not being needed in the future as they are oversized and do not respond to the needs of the energy transition.

This is the case of the H2Med project. According to promoters, this project aims to be the first European green hydrogen corridor and it will enable to transport two million tons of hydrogen from the Iberian peninsula to central Europe, through two transboundary interconnections: a terrestrial interconnection between Portugal and Spain (H2Med-CelZa) and a submarine interconnection between Spain and France (H2Med-BarMar).

We call on the European Commission and Council of the EU to stand up against this project due to multiple severe concerns about its real need and usefulness, and against other large scale hydrogen transport projects proposed for the PCI/PMI list which are facing a similar lack of analysis and face similar problems.

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Letter to European Commission and the Council of the EU