Development check of the financing activities of the European Investment Bank is essential reading for those who wish to follow the debate on transparency, monitoring and coherence between EIB operations and EU policies outside the EU27. It provides a comprehensive assessment by civil society of the major issues:

  • The EU development goals and EIB’s role in achieving them
  • Coherence of the EIB financing?
  • Promotion of poverty alleviation and sustainable development?
  • Financing sustainable development – a cross-sector all policy task
  • Sustainable development and climate protection in developing countries?

First, major actors: European Parliament, Civil Society and EIB present their view of the role of the EIB within the EU development policy and architecture. Following that state of play, concrete projects are presented and analyzed with emphasis on the impacts on poverty reduction and sustainable development. Last, the coherence of EU climate policy and EIB financing as well as the impacts of EIB projects on sustainable development and climate change is discussed.

This publication raises awareness of the EIB’s financing activities in order to change the bank into an open and progressive institution which delivers on EU development goals and promotes sustainable development.

Our publication is the outcome of the conference of the same name held in Berlin in October 2008. The conference was organized by World Economy, Ecology & Development (WEED) within the campaign 'Counter Balance – Challenging the EIB'.

2009 Coherence for development title page

Coherence for development

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