Public banks working for public services

Public banks have the capacity to support a wide range of essential services. From affordable housing to renewable energy and local public transport, public banks can drive systemic change by focusing on projects that offer long-term economic viability and substantial social benefits for all.

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The European Investment Bank’s development and climate finance – what’s in it for sustainable agriculture?

The EIB's support for unsustainable agriculture in the Global South contradicts its Paris Agreement commitments, undermines local food security, and fosters dependency. It's time to end export-oriented agriculture, enforce agroecology, and promote just, climate-resilient development.

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EU ECA fossil fuel phase-out tracker

Only 13 out of 23 EU Member States with ECAs appear to be meeting the commitment to end export credit financing for fossil fuel energy projects as agreed in March 2022, with others falling behind.

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Urgent call to keep defence spending out of the EIB's scope

30 CSOs urge the European Investment Bank to resist calls for an increased support to the defence sector.

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No role for export credits in the EU’s development finance

The report examines recent proposals for greater coordination between export credit and development finance, in particular through initiatives such as the EU's Global Gateway strategy. This raises significant concerns about suitability of such coordination for development objectives, particularly in the absence of binding human rights and environmental standards, and weak rules on transparency.

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Beyond profit: How to reshape the European Green Deal for people’s wellbeing

The report analyses key EU funding mechanisms, exposing significant shortcomings in strategic priorities and implementation. It underlines the need to prioritise sufficient public investment, democratic planning and a broader focus on just transition strategies over short-term corporate profit.

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What we do

Challenging public investment banks

We’re a European coalition of development and environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with extensive experience working on development finance and public banks as well as campaigning to prevent negative impacts resulting from major infrastructure projects

Our mission is to make European public finance a key driver of the transition towards socially and environmentally sustainable and equitable societies

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Our priorities

Where we focus our efforts

Our activities focus on:
Climate Justice, Development & Human Rights,
Transparency & Accountability

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We conduct research on European public financial institutions and challenge investments that result in harmful impacts for people and the environment


We inform the public and open up debates on the role of EU public finance in the transition towards more sustainable and equitable societies


We coordinate advocacy campaigns towards decision-makers at EU and national levels to push for accountable, democratic and sustainable
public banks

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Turning the Tide


Bankwatch’s new documentary exposes, for the first time, the extent of financial support four of the world’s leading multilateral development banks (MDBs) have been providing to the global fossil fuels industry over the past 13 years.

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