Episode 21: Transport vs Climate Change

We dive into the issue of plains, trains, cars and bicycles aka transport and why this is such a powerful issue in the context of climate change and healthy societies

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EIB moves ahead with creating a subsidiary for development operations

Despite a controversial track record in its investments outside of Europe, is still planning to expand its development operations

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The European Investment Bank’s transport policy needs radical change

According to a new study, it’s clear the EIB needs to step up its game in the field of transport

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What we focus on

Who are we, what do we fight for and how do we achieve it? Find out!

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What we do

Challenging public investment banks

We’re a European coalition of development and environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with extensive experience working on development finance and public banks as well as campaigning to prevent negative impacts resulting from major infrastructure projects

Our mission is to make European public finance a key driver of the transition towards socially and environmentally sustainable and equitable societies

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Our priorities

Where we focus our efforts

Our activities focus on:
Climate Justice, Development & Human Rights,
Transparency & Accountability

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We conduct research on European public financial institutions and challenge investments that result in harmful impacts for people and the environment


We inform the public and open up debates on the role of EU public finance in the transition towards more sustainable and equitable societies


We coordinate advocacy campaigns towards decision-makers at EU and national levels to push for accountable, democratic and sustainable
public banks

2020 Teddy Bear Video 2

The teddy bear journey


For some years now, a profound reorganisation of our production systems has been underway. A new phase of globalisation has begun, which bears considerable social and environmental risks.

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