Urgent overhaul needed for the EIB to fulfil its public mandate

15 CSOs call on the EIB’s President to lead the EIB to a sustainable and socially responsible path in a letter to Bank.

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New EIB president must channel bank’s power into rebuilding crumbling public services

The next EIB president must unleash the institution's firepower to make housing, energy, transport, care and social infrastructure accessible and affordable for a European public still enduring a cost of living crisis. We explain how in our new report.

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EU Member States jeopardising economic recovery by locking citizens out of decision-making

EU Member States are exacerbating economic inequality, eroding democracy and obstructing efforts to create a green, transformative European economy by marginalising citizens in decision-making, our new report reveals.

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EIB intermediated lending cannot see the wood from the trees

The EIB has invested in equity funds whose forestry projects in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Paraguay have sparked forced evictions and conflict with local communities.

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EIB should not waste public cash on unsustainable hydrogen market

The EIB should not support the creation of a hydrogen market, stop financing fossil fuel companies and cease funding projects which damage the environment, society and economy where they are built, says the Fossil Free EIB coalition's latest letter.

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Restructuring the EIB to meet the EU public's needs

The EIB should change its structure to guarantee affordable access to the essential public services rather than protect profits of corporations and financial institutions who do not need the bank’s support, says Counter Balance's new letter to the bank.

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What we do

Challenging public investment banks

We’re a European coalition of development and environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with extensive experience working on development finance and public banks as well as campaigning to prevent negative impacts resulting from major infrastructure projects

Our mission is to make European public finance a key driver of the transition towards socially and environmentally sustainable and equitable societies

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Our priorities

Where we focus our efforts

Our activities focus on:
Climate Justice, Development & Human Rights,
Transparency & Accountability

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We conduct research on European public financial institutions and challenge investments that result in harmful impacts for people and the environment


We inform the public and open up debates on the role of EU public finance in the transition towards more sustainable and equitable societies


We coordinate advocacy campaigns towards decision-makers at EU and national levels to push for accountable, democratic and sustainable
public banks

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Turning the Tide


Bankwatch’s new documentary exposes, for the first time, the extent of financial support four of the world’s leading multilateral development banks (MDBs) have been providing to the global fossil fuels industry over the past 13 years.

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