Counter Balance continued to challenge European public finance to support climate justice, finance development projects which respect human rights and improve transparency and accountability in 2021, as documented in our new Activity Report.

We exposed how the financing of the European Green Deal is fundamentally flawed in a way as to undermine its ability to meaningfully contribute to tackling the climate crisis and many related social and economic problems. Counter Balance also highlighted how the European Investment Bank (EIB) is still not fully-aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement, despite branding itself the ‘EU Climate Bank’.

Counter Balance also coordinated a network of allied civil society organisations in responding to the EIB’s new social and environmental standards. Together, we advocated for the bank to prevent human rights abuses occurring in projects it finances and to insist that financial institutions it works with do the same.

These are just some of the highlights listed in our 2021 Activity Report. The report documents the achievements of both Counter Balance’s member organisations and Brussels office, and also details our financial information for the last year. Download the report below.

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2021 Activity Report