The European Investment Bank (EIB) is currently transforming into the ‘EU Climate Bank’ and has been tasked to play a pivotal role in the European Green Deal and EU recovery plans.

Counter Balance's new briefing "EIB & Transport: Making EU Public Finance transform mobility across Europe and beyond" however exposes how the Bank’s current approach to transport needs to undergo radical change if it is to help the EU decarbonize its transport sector and achieve the objectives of the Green Deal.

The briefing outlines the problematic track record of the EIB in the transport sector and analyses the main strengths and weaknesses of the newly adopted Climate Roadmap. It then provides recommendations to further align the EIB’s transport portfolio with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, in light of the bank's Transport Policy review which will be taking place in 2021.

2021 Counter Balance Transport Briefing Online title page

EIB & Transport: Making EU Public Finance Transform Mobility across Europe and Beyond