By David Hoffman (also appeared on the Bankwatch website)

When it comes to EU energy policies, particularly those that guide the relationships with neighbouring countries, Europe at times displays characteristics similar to the self-absorbed stubbornness of a child who doesn’t play nicely with his schoolmates.

Stealing things from others, taking candy from strangers against his better judgement and using his wild imagination to conjure up fantastic stories.

In our latest cartoon, we’ve once again teamed up with the good folks at Gordo (the creators ofOne big pig goes to market,’ or the European Investment Bank explained) to animate our main concerns with EU energy policy outside Europe.

For a more in-depth analysis, read the new policy briefing “Beyond our Borders. A critique of the external dimension of the EU energy policy and its financing mechanisms” and a recent blog post at EurActiv.

2012 Beyond our borders title page

Beyond our borders: EU Energy games are not child's play

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